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Get your tech projects done faster with our just-in-time, spinup platform.

Bite-size milestone 🧩

We'll help break projects into 3-5 bitesize chunks & set a budget / max timeline.

Approve your quote 👍

Approve freelancer quote, fund escrow & start project.

Pay by milestone ✅ 

Only pay only upon delivery of the feature or project completed.

You're a good fit if...

You know what you want, we can get up-to-speed quickly we don't have any blockers.

You want to start small

It should be easy to test & validate a new idea

Worker is not blocked

There's no blockers to the contractor getting their job done. We shouldn't be waiting around for access to tools or people.

Mostly asynchronous

Async workers have the freedom and responsibility to set their own schedule around their objectives & communicate as needed.

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Need something custom?

If you want to create a custom business, let us know & we'll connect you to a collective member.

Questions & Answers

We're an application-only collective of 10+ years experienced tech professionals. To apply, go to

No, we do not take a commission fee. While we're in beta, every project is 100% commission-free. In the future, we may make changes.

CollectiveRemote currently does not make any money. The founders likely will complete some of the projects on the platform to earn money. In the future, this may change.

Email us at

Stop paying salaries - only pay-per-feature-built.
Let's change how tech is built 🏗️

✔️ Only pay-per-feature-built
✔️ Top 1% talent in engineering, design, marketing & product
✔️ 100% commission-free 🎉

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